Student and Business Leader Testimonials

Nicholas Koenig
AR Johnson High School
My summer internship at the Augusta Metro Chamber has provided me with great skills that will help me in any workplace. I learned many valuable lessons, participated in volunteer community events, interviewed local business leaders, and conducted research on different topics to help improve the Chamber.
Tobias Patterson
Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School
My summer internship at Georgia Power Company was a great opportunity because I was given real-world experience, instead of just learning theory, while earning money.
Kaitlyn Mills
Davidson Fine Arts School
Internships are important for students because it provides an opportunity to learn industry specific skills that may not be taught in a classroom. Internships for the upcoming generation of students provides an opportunity of transition from youth to adulthood.
Steven Kendrick
Richmond County Tax Commissioner
Internships provide students with workplace experiences that are invaluable when deciding on what they want to do with their lives. The opportunity to learn about a career and its day-to-day responsibilities can be the difference for some students. Providing students with opportunities is satisfying as an employer when you think of the impact you are having on a young life. Students learn about real -life work experiences from the employer each day and employers sometimes get a
good look at potential workers who may want to return later to full-time work. It can be a great situation for both.
Lennie Brame
Georgia Power Company
Internships are an all-around win. They are placed in a real environment that naturally allows them to develop their business etiquette and soft skills. Employers have an opportunity to develop the next generation by stimulating work ethic and coaching young talent, while utilizing additional resources to accomplish business goals. For each intern that you host, you move mountains within our community and within people’s lives. You will recover financial investment through production.
Michele Haynes
Intern programs are beneficial for the intern, the company and the community. At the base level, the intern develops skills, the company builds morale and creates strong leaders, and the community workforce is enhanced as a whole. A company will benefit from an internship program if it is a priority for the business, structured, and provides students
with the supervision they need to be successful. The experience and benefits far outweigh the cost.