Host Company Agreement

Ready to host an intern(s)?

Possible Tasks for Interns

  • Research the viability of a new program, campaign, or initiative; compile and present statistics.
  • Complete a backburner project that has been bogging down permanent staff.
  • Create a proposal on a potential social media strategy, evaluate various social media platforms, or come up with suggestions for how your current social media strategy might be improved.
  • Critique your company’s website…from a user perspective; brainstorm ideas for boosting usability.
  • Propose solutions for a mid-level problem that no one has had time to address.
  • Research and identify the most influential blogs in your industry. Follow them and provide weekly reports.
  • Scan industry media for news items; provide regularly scheduled updates.
  • Accompany employees to client, sales, or other outside meetings; have them take an observer role, but ask for their input and ideas (and answer any questions) after you’ve left.
  • Evaluate some area of IT functionality (for tech-savvy interns); ask if they see a way to improve efficiency, streamline programs, or cut costs.
  • Take responsibility for some regular task. Even if it’s as simple as taking, and placing, the weekly supply order, it will demonstrate follow-through and an ability to take ownership.
  • Prepare a budget.
  • Create support materials, such as charts, graphs, or other visuals.
  • Plan and coordinate an event or meeting.
  • Generate a marketing plan, financial forecast, or other report.
  • Produce a video or slide presentation.
  • Perform a study or survey; analyze and present results.
  • Write internal communications.
  • Compile employee manuals or develop process directions for tasks with high employee turnover.
  • Source goods or search for lower-cost sources for high-volume materials.
  • Clean up a database.
  • Serve as a liaison between the company and clients or vendors (freeing up staff members to communicate on only more crucial issues).
  • Aid in the modification or enhancement of your internship program.
  • Help screen and train replacement interns prior to departure.

The bottom line when it comes to assigning intern tasks is to strike a balance between those activities that will provide a meaningful learning experience and those activities that will increase productivity in the organization.